1.Read symbol

Before starting any electrical wiring read symbol of electrical connection in the given manual as well as device or machines for tag symbol for safe the human and property damage.


2.Check Input current/voltage

Before starting any electrical wiring read the input-side power capacity or input current /voltage value then decide what kind of other tools required for my standard application used in household and industry.

3.Choose the right wire and components

when deciding what power is required then choose for the right wire of handling input power to output supply for other hardware. wire changes when because power distributed many sides as per your required like where is heavy control then use 3 phase and low control then use a single-phase power supply.

4.Three Phase/single phase Ac power control wiring

if you have control 3 phase 440v devices then you can use the first circuit breaker mostly known as MCB (Miniature circuit breaker). these supply control only three-phase devices like 3phase motor or any machines .if you have to use 3 phase 230v then you have to use steo down transformer .transformer converting 440v to 230 v then you have to control any 3 phase 230v devices. if you have used these 3 phase power to single-phase power then used only 2 phase wired and 1 neutral wire to control single-phase devices.

Stepper motor direction control with button