Best plc Learning Basic to Advance

PLCProgrammable logic controller.

What is PLC

PLC is a programmable logic controller .plc control input-output devices using a program that's programmed called ladder logic, FBD, structural and ST.PLC is a special design for industry standard. these standard work on relay logic. Most of the plc programmed using ladder logic because ladder logic is easy graphical language to drag and drop logic with a bit addresses to connect hardware and internal address control logic!

Plc is a programmable device that works on integrated logic circuit design...

PLC is fixed and predefined input and output address is available in single unit plc...

PLC wiring is very important role after programming...

why all plc are not controlled motion application don't worry it's very easy and .....

plc analogue and digital control both are different to each other plc.....

PLC stepper and the servo is very easy when you understand its working principle.....


Esp8266 control Anywhere in the world using esp8266+matlab Thingspeak server.

Esp8266 Board is open-source IoT control board used for many automation projects wirelessly and controls everything away from your home/destination.

Our esp8266 Code is 100% working with our web software and Thingspeak server to read/write and real-time visualization on Thingspeak API.Matlab Thingspeak server is very powerful tools for controlling IoT devices in fast and secure.


free Andriod app for home automation/IoT control.

download android app and install then download esp8266 code then edit some code like wifi user name and password as your router and mobile hotspot then code upload to the board.

open Andriod app on your mobile write your current router IP address then click to on/off the device remotely. find IP off your router after uploading the code into esp8266 board then use Arduino ide to serial monitor check baud rate same as your code and serial monitor then press esp reset button.

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