Working Of Relay

Relay is a very used device in all types of industrial automation control and machine automation. Relay has two coil one is +ve coil and second -ve coil when the coil connection establishes then they trigger the NO and NC contact configure in the Relay circuitry.

Relay is Improtant to connect before output to reduce the damage of input side hardware

Why Relay use

Why relay is used is a very important question if you know the answer then you use a relay in your every control design circuit to protect the hardware damage..

A most important reason to use the relay

1.Easy to wire to the required current connection to the common terminal to operate high voltages device with low voltage input trigger..

2.Electrical Connection Troubleshooting is Easier .

3.relay working when it produces trigger sound and some relay indicated as led also to know the relay is working or not to identify the input and output problem easier

4.different voltages /currents types of output operate using relay its depends upon your require.ment .its works on 3v to 230v. if you control more than these then buy high power rating relay to control your devices easy.

5.voltage/current reverse protection to input/output.

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