Today is most of the technology machine is used servo motors to control machine because servo motor is more precise movement and rotation is possible is negligible friction example 3d printing machine, CNC machine, robotics control system etc...

accuracy in machine then first option is servo drives control .

How to the servo motor and drives control using plc and Arduino.

Servo motor is a different control system as compared to other motors.

Servo Mechanism.

Servo motor basically consists of two main parts 1. servo power mechanism

2.servo control mechanism.

1.Servo Power Mechanism.

Servo motor Power mechanism is same as other motor power connection. the only difference is its feedback and control mechanism.

2.servo control mechanism.

servo control mechanism or feedback loop control system is same .servo drives work on PWM signals means that's what is the pulse width duration in on to the off condition. feedback device encoder counts real times pulses signal at the movements of rotors, encoder decide what input pulses is feed on start operation or width delays of pulses then start motor rotate and encoder counts its inputs pulses is complete or not