Make Responsive 60 web button

make multiple responsive web button to control devices wirelessly using wifi and internet connection and Arduino or esp8266 programmable board to set the IP address to communicate each button to each device simultaneously. Our 60 web button web page enables to control of 60 i/o devices. This web button operating any device like mobile, desktop,laptop and tablet etc.

download and view 60 Responsive web button .

Making smart home

if you making your home as a smart home then it is for you you can control 60 devices with responsive web buttons, so you can download and upload the code esp8266 and the output side connecting relays to control any device like 24v to 230v ac /dc control as per your home appliances and device like ac,,lightening,refrigerator,certain mover etc.

how its work.

this button basically interconnect with check box logic to control with single click and led indicator indicates the states.this logic triggers the esp8266 and Arduino input to initiating the Arduino output in real-time to reduce external hardware to control, 60 device with a single web page.

Stepper motor direction control with button